The Quick Version: Naming a child isn’t any small task for wanting parents. All things considered, we carry all of our labels with our company all of our whole schedules, senior single and sometimes even move them to our very own kiddies, so it’s vital that you choose a reputation that fits. With over 20,000 names from which to choose, offers an array of solutions, including old-fashioned to fashionable and everything in between. Not only could be the site a fantastic reference for anticipating moms and dads, but it’s merely a great destination to explore and find out exactly « what is actually in a name? »


The majority of young ones most likely cannot elect to check the phonebook enjoyment, yet not everybody is as interested in brands as it is Jennifer Moss. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of asserted that ever since she ended up being somewhat girl, she is enjoyed to learn brand new names. In fact, her preferred youth activity was relaxing with a phonebook to understand more about the options.

« it certainly is already been a weird enthusiasm of my own. Maybe because I am Jennifer, and that is these types of a standard title — I found myself fascinated by it, » she mentioned.

As a grown-up, Jennifer blended her pro skills as a computer designer together desire for names, building initial infant title database regarding recently community internet in 1996.

« I put it online, and even without registering the name, many people began visiting your website as it had been one website which had labels and meanings, » she said. « I imagined, ‘Hmm, maybe this is certainly anything,’ so I registered title — as well as the remainder is background. »

Now, characteristics message boards, user-submitted title lists, parenting advice, an entertaining pregnancy tracker, and blogs. Lately, Jennifer launched a podcast — alone of the type — in which she along with her aunt, Mallory, dish about title fashions and celebrity infant development also answer listener questions.

A family group company that has been near Since 1996

When Jennifer basic established in 1996, she didn’t come with concept more and more people might possibly be interested in it or that the site would one day be a major international neighborhood. But the instant increase of website traffic offered the lady pause to take into consideration the probabilities, thus she hit off to her own family for a helping hand.

« That was back before anyone made money with sites, » she stated. « I became in fact operating fulltime subsequently, but i’ve three siblings, as well as enough time, my personal mother was still lively. I found myself like, ‘Can all of you help me using this?’ from the creation, it was a family group company. »

Releasing an advice weblog on child-rearing and childcare was an all-natural next step for all the site, Jennifer mentioned, because the woman mommy, Peggy, ended up being a youth training specialist. Composing beneath the pseudonym Grandma Maggie, Peggy penned the site’s child-rearing line for pretty much 20 years. Although Peggy died in 2014, a blog chock-full of Grandma Maggie’s advice, including a variety of e-books she penned, continue to the site now.

« We just take a lot of pride in the web site and what we would, and it really has had you better, » Jennifer said. « each of us reside in different locations, but we will need to manage one another each and every day because we’ve got business what to explore. I am not sure when we would-have-been as near as a family if we didn’t have the business enterprise. It ties you together. »

These days, the community is actually an international family members.

« we users who have been on the site for twenty years with really grown-up, received married, and had kids after signing up for as young adults. Which is great, » Jennifer mentioned.

Start thinking about background and recognition, and Get Advice From consumer listings and Message Boards

« selecting the most appropriate name is important because it’s your youngster and they have to reside with-it — however it should end up being a thing that reflects your character as a moms and dad, » Jennifer said.

Today’s parents are progressively worried about helping their child excel with an unique title: a departure through the tendency among early in the day generation of parents generations whom preferred to locate popular usual brands due to their kiddies.

« moms and dads are more likely today to select a unique title than ever. They may be wanting to stay away from the top-10 record, basically type a newer development. Back the ‘50s and ‘60s, moms and dads desired to adapt a lot more, so they opted popular labels due to their young ones to squeeze in, » Jennifer informed you.

« In my opinion most parents have actually pressured over it simply because they feel just like it is likely to be something they have to accept for the rest of their particular everyday lives, and that it’s their unique brand name, » she persisted. « It’s become actually large these days getting an individual brand. » functions over 20,000 labels to explore and different discovery possibilities as parents embark on their naming trip.

One enjoyable option to seek title determination is browse listings instance Shakespeare Names, Names From Harry Potter, or character Names. A note board on the site also gives individuals to be able to contact the community and request input and guidance as they restrict their own naming selections.

« we actually value our customers. We do not possess advertising get in the way of this knowledge, » Jennifer mentioned. « when they should make a name record, they truly are introducing deliver one out of, and we also’ll publish it for them. I think that comes with getting a family-owned company… its a lot more individual. » will there be for all you Hard Naming Decisions

Although naming a kid is actually a decision that ultimately utilizes moms and dads’ intuition, it surely really helps to get expert advice through the process. Jennifer calls in the professionals, generally onomastics, to offer expecting parents making use of greatest details available about title origins and definitions.

« we now have a couple of name professionals that really scholared in onomastics, the study of brands. Easily aren’t able to find the data on a name, I’ll get in touch with among specialists and inquire all of them what the back ground is, » she mentioned.

Contacting when you look at the experts can cause some informative shocks. Including, Jennifer mentioned, title « Kennedy » in fact implies deformed head — some thing, maybe, to take into consideration before naming a young child after the good-looking, magnetic US president generally associated with the name.

Additionally, has circulated two guides. A person is a traditional encyclopedia of labels, and also the different is an even more entertaining workbook that can help moms and dads get their innovative juices moving.

« you really write in it, therefore makes it possible to restrict name alternatives and perhaps deposit names you would not have considered — those who have influenced you, teachers, street names, » Jennifer demonstrated.

The most recent feature on the website is a podcast organized by Jennifer and her sister, Mallory. The sisters discuss infant name trends, the latest star baby names, and solution listener questions about labels and naming. Subscribe wherever you receive your own podcasts to capture the latest from Moss sisters. offers a wide-ranging selection of information, google, and enjoyable techniques to enjoy the baby. Explore the website today to find out more!